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The Walking Dead: Season One [Android]

[Tested Nov 12 2014] FEATURES: Enable unlimited health/ammo/money, unlock hidden extra items/weapons, start with all items/weapons, unlock ALL released episodes for download [still working as of 12/Nov/2014]. See below for more details!
The Walking Dead AndroidFULLY WORKING
Walking Dead Android 2FEATURE PACKED, premium quality


Unlimited Health

God mode - show those biters who's boss! Can be toggled on/off in game.

Unlimited Money

Never run out of cash! [Useful for later episodes/DLC!]

Unlock ALL Episodes

Exploits a bug in the purchasing system to mark all available DLCs as PAID FOR and available for IMMEDIATE download! Yowza!

Unlimited Ammo

Don't you hate having to be careful with ammo? Never run out of ammunition again and experience the joy of being the hunter instead of the hunted!!

Hidden Items/Weapons

The developers removed some weapons/items in the final stages of development - we put them back in! Unlock the rocket launcher!

Fully Tested

Fully tested and working as of May 12th 2014 Including free DLC downloads!

How to use

Easiest option: Usage instructions included in file, follow onscreen prompts, have fun. Tool will backup your existing game files before making any modifications to the game during the patching process, this enables all changes to be safely undone.


Rough 'n' Ready Guide:

  • 1. Download tool
  • 2. Connect device to your PC
  • 3. IMPORTANT! Open game on device
  • 4. Run tool
  • 5. Press connect to sync with game
  • 6. Choose options, more than one can be chosen (recommend hidden weapons/items!)
  • 7. Choose to make all DLC episodes free to download or leave install as is
  • 8. Click patch to update game, it should only take a moment
  • 9. Close and restart game to apply effects – play and have fun!
  • 10. Comment, like, share, help us get the word out about this exciting tool! :-D

Available for free download for a limited time while we work on polishing the final program for ready for sale. With that in mind youre lucky to have found it at this stage as it is 99% ready. With this in mind don't forget we are paying close attention to any final feedback recieved!

After free period ends regular price to download will be $20 USD.

100% Clean and virus free see - Virus Scan: here
Download: here

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Trusted #1 source for free mods, hacks and cheat tools serving the Android community for 3 years and counting! The Walking Dead Android (Season One) game is a five-part game series released for Android devices on April 8 2014. With episodes 2-5 available for in-game purchase (unlockable free with this tool!). The game is based on the same award-winning graphic novels by Robert Kirkman that the AMC TV show is based on and is set in the style of a playable graphic novel. Play as convicted criminal Lee Everett, given the second chance he craved when the world is overrun by the corpses of the recently living. Will meeting and saving the orphaned girl Clementine save his soul? Actions and story decisions affect every facet of the game as it unfolds giving a truly bespoke experience every time you play! The game has won over 90 awards to date. Recently a massively famous, award winning title on other consoles, the amusement is situated in the "official" universe of the "Walking Dead" comic books that the TV show is focused around, populated by Rick Grimes and his not really cheerful posse. Furthermore its unpleasant, as well. In spite of the sort of blocky, comic book-style design, the amusement serves up a lot of violent, terrifying, exciting minutes - particularly in the event that you play with earphones on. The Android variant has some high framework prerequisites, including no less than 1GB of capacity (2GB proposed), so you'll have to hit the Google Play store to check whether its perfect with your gadget. (Most more current telephones and tablets ought to be dependent upon the errand.) So put earphones on, turn the lights down, and get prepared to perceive how long you'd last in the realm of the biters.